Tuesday 4 November 2003

Midterm Season, Part The Third

  • midterm this afternoon

  • preliminary sources for a term paper for Friday

  • midterm next Thursday

  • assignments due almost every day this week and next

In conclusion, please sod off. I love you all. :-)

Till we meet again, I remain yours most sincerely....


  1. First you hate us, then you love us. I think you need to put some thought into this relationship.

  2. Read more carefully. I hate you all specifically, but love you all in general. :-)

  3. C'mon Brandon, I thought you were the king of multi-tasking! I think somebody needs a little more swap space on their hard-drive...

  4. I multitask the Microsoft way.

    I pick a single task (usually the wrong one), then devote all my resources to it, until I realize the task will never get done, at which case I just sit there and do nothing for while, until someone reboots me.

  5. Sodding off from a thousand kilometres away. :)

  6. I'm posting this comment in the hopes that it breaks your blog.