Thursday 30 October 2003

Why I Hate You

Yes, that's right. I mean you. You personally. What - you think I can't tell who you are, just because you're on the other side of a monitor screen? Surely you knew of MovableType's magic powers?

Right, as I was saying... why I hate you. I'll provide a list of the all the reasons I hate you, and you pick the one's that apply to you. They are specified in no particular order; not all my apply to you. Some may apply to nobody.

  1. You ran into my car.

  2. You got angry at me about something, even though you knew the problem wasn't my fault.

  3. You puked in your laptop.

  4. You don't care enough about presenting yourself properly to worry about such trivialities as capital letters, and punctuation.

  5. You broke my heart.

  6. You puked in your laptop again.

  7. You lied to me.

  8. You hurt my friends.

  9. You made me wait forever to get medication I knew I needed for the disease I knew I had.

  10. You don't proofread.

  11. You allow policy to override decency.

  12. You stole my glasses.

  13. You punched me the whole way to school on the bus in seventh grade.

  14. You puked in your laptop again - you REALLY don't get how this works, do you?

  15. You don't think Homestar Runner is funny - Click here for your free million punches in the face

  16. You believe that all people are equal, and should have the same rights - unless they're different from you.

  17. You come to the Helpdesk, and say "It won't turn on. And it's never come into contact with water."

  18. You don't think my jokes are funny.

I'd like to hear your additions to this list. Please comment.


  1. Woohoo! #10! : )

    You don't want to get me started as I have a nearly bottomless well of bitterness to draw from lately, so I won't.

    I'm just going to offer a suggestion:
    Place the ", newest from" immediately after the MTComments tag. That way it only shows up if there are comments present.

  2. I like to think I'm squarely in the #5 category, but I think we both know who's heart was broken by whom.