Monday, 15 December 2003

The K-W Report

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Thursday, 11 December 2003

In the Spirit Of...

Since you guys seem to have so much fun reaming my academic prose, I couldn't help but offer up a burnt offering. Ladies and gentlemen, I present How to Read the Bible Book by Book: A Review.

Since it took the form of a book review, my writing style is a bit more casual, and I think I defended my own points a bit more strongly. I also admit to the death of my essay's conclusion. Conclusions are something I've never been good at, and which I've doubted the importance of - sort of like the Objectives section of a resumé.

You know....

Objective: A job with your company. Dumbass. Obviously. What were you expecting? A dozen homemade chocolate cookies and a cold glass of milk? A standoff between the gutangs, and The Hermit of Leaky Lake? What?


Compare with: In conclusion, if you read my shadily defined thesis, and the rest of my paper, you'd already know what I was talking about, and you wouldn't need to be reading this conclusion. Please go away and die.

I point out, once again, that while I was writing much of this paper, it was three in the morning, and I was feeling punchy. It was either a tounge-in-cheek acknowledgements page, an "I'm Going to Kill you All" page, or me, jumping off a bridge. I think I chose well. And seriously - caffeine doesn't get the credit it's due. It deserved this one.

Wish me luck on Intro. Psych.

If Only I'd Known

If only I'd known that all it took to get people to post vigorous and thought-provoking comment was me, posting screen upon screen of prose that could best be described as "derivative drivel", I would have started a long time ago. :-)

I write my last exam tomorrow, and then I get to relax. Yippee!

P.S. For the curious minds that need to know, the current score in Branflakes vs. Acadia is 2-1, for me. Going for 3-1 tomorrow.

Sunday, 7 December 2003

Branflakes vs. Acadia

Round One - Fight!

The penultimate examination free-for-all begins tomorrow evening at 7:00. Enjoy the rush as Branflakes, in the blue corner, weighing in at just slightly too much to be really healthy, squares off against CREL 2213, Introduction to Biblical Studies, in the red corner. CREL 2213 weighs in at three months, many lectures, and a lengthy essay on 1 Corinthians 13. Come for the fight; stay for the reasonably priced concessions.

Updates to follow.