Tuesday 25 November 2003

When the Spammers Just Stop Trying

Before you get your hopes up, I'm not delivering news that I've discovered a new mind-contol technique that causes the spammers to stop spamming me. Indeed, like many people, I receive dozens of wonderful spam messages from irritaing people who I just wish would go away and die lovely people who I just can't wait to meet.

So when I say the spammers have stopped trying, I don't mean that they've decided to become less pervasive or ubiquitous, just that they've stopped trying to blend in anymore. Recently, for example, I received three unsolicited commercial e-mails (Spam messages), none of which I read, but the senders of which intrigued me most greatly.

These three messages came from two individuals, specifically Mssrs. Idiosyncracy Q. Interruption and Spacesuit M. Interjecting, and a group, Christian Debt Management.

Mr. Interjecting, or since I feel we're so close, just Spacesuit, promises me Top Dating Guide and Pickup Lines. Whilst I do admit to being single, I don't need help from anybody named Spacesuit, thank you very much. Our other good pal, Idiosyncracy, is willing to tell me how he learned his mafia secrets. Poor guys, what were their mothers thinking?

Hmmmm... I'll name my boy after a peculiarity, something strange with the state of things. That'll make him popular with all the other kids. Sure, he won't be able to spell his own first name until college, but... meh. Oh well, at least he'll be able to spend time with ESPN, and Saddam SARS.

And don't even get me started on Christian Debt Management. In other news, frightening television evangelists predict the end is near again this week. Help them pay down the mortgage on their new, palatial church building before the end time comes. I was going to say eschaton, before realizing that maybe two people who read my website know what the eschaton is. ;-)

On the life side of things, the big paper that I though was due tomorrow isn't due until Friday. That's good. Conversely, the smaller paper I thought due Friday is due tomorrow. That's -- less good.

Also, I need to be at the Atlantic School of Theology tomorrow at 9AM. That's the pinnacle of not quite so good, as I am (for the moment) the pinnacle of a Not Morning Person.

Wish me luck. Leave comments.


Update - November 29: Add Bonaventure H. Parliament and Alternating P. Polyphonic to the list of interesting spammers.


  1. Spacesuit M. Interjecting? That would actually be a really cool internet nick name. I'm officially changing my ICQ name (for the time being) to match!

  2. "Idiosyncracy" is a girl's name.

  3. It is?  That's a relief, I no longer have to be concerned about the fact that I was curiously attracted to her, then.