Friday 15 February 2002

6000 Hours

6000 hours. That's how long a Sylvania 60-watt lightbulb is rated for before it will apparently blow.

This was determined after years of pain-staking examinations by a crack team of Harvard-educated scientists, extensive rounds of laboratory and animal testing, and finally, in desperation, as all these methods seemed to fail, looking at an obviously aged, sunshine yellow-tinted lightbulb above a table at JJ Rossy's (here, the subject of a case study by Acadia's Business department). There, in fact, under the saffron glow of that light at JJ's, is where most of this entry was written on February 8, 2002.

And he went on to say...

6000 hours sounds like an eternity, doesn't it? Dude... it's actually only a
little more than eight months. I've been single longer than that. Nearly twice as long as that. In the time that I've been single, think about the countless lightbulbs that have either been mutilated by power surges, been shaken or moved while hot (apparently, a Bad Thing), or who, after a long life of trying its best to be a beacon onto others, just decided to up and quit. Sounds like my life to me. But, then, let's be sure to recall also that I'm appalingly melodramatic. :-)

Remind me how much I hate Cyndi Lauper. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. And, to quote that old man in the bar in The Wedding Singer, "...and rip your heart out through your ass."

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