Tuesday 18 November 2003

Don't Try Beating my Torch

The Apple XServe bragging about its redundant, dual-source power supplies is like a varsity football player bragging about the size of their wang. You already know they're better than you, so mentioning anything more is just showing off. :-P

In other news, I've, at last, written the last of my midterms this semester. The third Computer Architecture came to fruition this Thursday evening. Immediately following, in a moment of drowniness-induced improvisation, I added a neat new closing chord to the end of the Lord's Prayer. Awesomeness ensued.

On Friday evening, I enjoyed, in the company of friends, the 1st Annual Acadia Chapel Choir Marshmallow Fete. Marshmallow related products of every kind abounded. I personally liked the gouda cheese (most definitely not marshmallow-related) though. The beautiful strains of Christmas carols sung by a choir of sopranos wafted in from the piano room of Michelle???s apartment, and the marshmallow roast at the Wolfville Court firepit was an unqualified, if snowy, success.

Corollary to this, your Tip of the Day: If you ever find yourself unable to start a bonfire in poor weather conditions, just turn to your trusty propane blowtorch. Nothing can stand up to a propane torch forever. :-)

And corollary to that, your Questions of the Day: What exactly is a bon? And why would we want to catch them on fire? Your prize for answering this question is my undying love and affection, and a week???s supply of bons to burn. Ladies and/or pyromaniacs are therefore encouraged to apply. Pyromania is optional.

I await your answers. :-)


  1. As its my understanding, the "bon" part of the word is from the Middle English word "bon", meaning "bone". Ergo, in Middle English, a "bonfire" is a fire of bones. Nowadays we just use it to mean a large fire that a person probably has at a beach.

    Having said that - where's this large collection of bones that you promised? =P

  2. So that was YOU out there behind my apartment burning shit in the fireplace! ah ha!

  3. 1: A varsity football player is not better than me. Unless he owns an XServe. A beefy server is way better than a beefy wang for impressing girls, right? Right??

    2: Wow. Bone-fire is way better than the explanation I was going to give, which is that "bon" is French for "good", so a bonfire is a good-fire.