Tuesday 16 August 2005

Welcome to the New (Old) iHOB

Welcome to what you've been waiting for.

Zut Alors! A new, exciting bilingual name. A new domain name, and the registrars, they are Canadian, like us. No need to panic, though: the same dull, meandering, rarely updated content will keep you company. The fleurs-de-lys and my head (an actual photo of my head) provide the minimally required quantities of Canadian content to keep the CRTC off my back. Though some Péquistes could hunt me down over the fleur-de-lys thing, though. Your thoughts? Too much francophone baiting? Or am I right on the money?

Recently, though, I've found myself asking a question similar to one which comes up in the House of Commons from time to time, namely, "What should we do about The Other Place?" I, of course, am talking about the old Branflakes Dot Net domain. In the Commons, they're referring to Hell The Senate. Should I burn it in effigy? Bury it at sea? Send it a rejection letter? Laud it with gifts?

At one point, I had considered replacing it with a portfolio-style website extolling my awesome glories as a human being and Library Systems Administrator. Then an interesting thing happened. I got a job interview in a far away land, for a position as a Library systems person. It seems my glories are manifested already in my resumé! Who knew? On that note, I'll be spending my birthday at Okanagan College, Kelowna, British Columbia. I promise to have a piece of pie or cake, with a candle, before I fly home overnight that night though.

To reiterate, welcome!
(offscreen stage whisper) To....
(offscreen stage whisper) Zut Alors dot CA...
Something! Dot CA!

Tales from my sordid vacation in the Northeastern corner of the continent will come later this week.

Addendum [August 18]: Sorry, everyone. I forgot that when I moved to the new server, I forgot to install ImageMagick. No wonder no one has commented for the last month. You can now, though.