Saturday 11 October 2003

The Season is Upon Us

Good God, it's cold in here.

I'm writing from work at the User Support Center, here at Acadia, and I'm actually finding it difficult to type because my hands feel numb. It probably doesn't help that my brain is numb too, but that's been going on for years, so no one should be surprised.

Nancy, having recently turned 23, is celebrating her new antiquity (new antiquity...) with a shopping binge. If there's a better way to celebrate getting old, I'd like to hear it. I have volunteered to be her driver, and carrier of heavy things. It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

In other news, the library is keeping me busy, with server upgrades and network installations scheduled for the long weekend, and a trip to the beautiful Dundee resort in Cape Breton scheduled for two weekends from now, for the Nova Scotia Library Association conference, where I was originally destined to be a presenter, but am now just a delegate.

Fun shall abound, I've no doubt. I'll remember to report back in two weeks with all the stories about how my bosses got drunk and made fools of themselves. ;-)


  1. "The season", by the way, refers of course, to the current season of the year, "cold, flu and SARS" season.

  2. I bet if you made a new post, you'd get at least 5 comments. I wouldn't be surprised at 10 comments.

    Right guys?

  3. Indeed. I hear Vegas isn't willing to take bets on less than 20!

    (Ok Andrew, let's not get carried away here...)