Sunday 26 October 2003

Kiss Me, I'm a Librarian!

[seen on a t-shirt at the Nova Scotia Library Association's annual conference this weekend at Dundee Resort, Cape Breton]

NSLA was... well, about as much fun as one can expect when you take a hotel in rural Cape Breton, fill it with Nova Scotian librarians, library staffers, and library board members, and set them loose. There were times I felt in danger of being networked, and the pervasive, unmistakable odours of innovation and syngery were never far off in the distance. It could have just been the smell of the chlorine from the hotel pool, though - they do smell a lot alike. :-)

My first seminar was on the place for social justice and social activism in the public library system. It discussed how public libraries need not just be information sources, but also the genesis point of meaningful discussion, and, more importantly, meaningful change, in society.

I also attended a seminar on public library library capital funding, of importance to me because ensuring appropriate technology infrastructure is a key consideration now when making capital investments, and that infrastructure would probably be my responsibility. ;-)

Finally, I attending a seminar on A Day in the Life of Your Library, which I would characterize as the feel-good seminar. It brought more than a few chuckles, as we all reminisced about our memories from a collective experience of library service, and shared ideas about new and different ways of doing things.

Overall, a good time was had. I was fortunate, on the way, to be able and stop in Truro, to meet with staff there about a project I'm currently working on, and in Antigonish, to visit my brother. I also consider myself lucky that, betweenst all the learning and synergizing, I was able to find a spare minute or two to get in the pool. The fact that I'm here implies I still remember how to swim. Or maybe it just implies that the pool's only 5.5' deep, and I'm less deep. You decide. :-)

PS: I demand at least ten comments, as per comments on previous articles. Twenty would be preferred. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes...


  1. Was Acadia's sexy librarian there?

  2. (By the way, guys, I'm the one who promised that there would be a bunch of comments. Don't make me a liar.)

  3. I'm actually not trying to just post a whole bunch of times to increase the count. Seriously. I'm just bitching that Brandon apparently doesn't have HTML enabled in his comments. In the above post:

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  4. ...and I made a comment about Vegas and twenty.

    Which makes me ask: Why does Daddy need a new pair of shoes? Shouldn't baby be getting the new footwear first?

  5. Silly Brandon. Comments won't buy you footwear.

  6. I think he may have placed money on the number of comments.

    Keep an eye on him, next thing you know he'll be heading down to Halifax and blowing his rainy day fund at the casino every weekend.

  7. Is there money to be made in having comments posted?

  8. There's money to be made whenever there's a sucker willing to bet on something.

    But I'm with Andrew, I think Brandon is being neglectful to his baby. Also, I'm saddened that I wasn't informed of Brandon's parenthood until now.

  9. OMG... Brandon has a brother?

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