Monday 27 October 2003

WD-40 Upgrade; In Response

They say that water is a natural lubricant for the throat. That's why you're supposed to drink lots of water while singing - to keep your vocal system's plant nicely moistened. I'm in the Acadia University Chorus, where this year, it has been ordained that we shall sing Messiah, by G. F. Handel.

This combination of facts elicits a certain amount of confession from me:

  1. I'm a tenor.

  2. I'm not really a tenor.

  3. Sadly, I actually am a tenor. Just a bad one.

  4. I have bronchitis.

  5. Unlike most of the chorus, therefore, I sort of squawk through Messiah.

Which brings me to my title. I figure, the way my throat feels after 2.5 hours of singing Handel, that I need to upgrade from water, and spray a can of WD-40 down my throat after chorus practice. Or maybe before. Then we could cut the pain out altogether. :-)

Also, to report on some questions from the previous entry...

Peter: Sadly, no. A shame, too - her Scottish brogue could have added life to some of the sessions. Wow - librarians can be <understatement>boring</understatement> sometimes. Thanks also for telling me how to turn HTML on in my comments. W00t.

Andrew: "Baby needs a new pair of shoes" is common slang used whilst gambling to indicate that you hope for an outcome in your favour. Not that one ever really hopes to lose when gambling. There is no baby. There is no nineteenth floor. And there is no Miss Zarves.

Nancy: If comments could buy me footwear, then I'd replace these air force boots that I have to wear when I play with the band. It's just like wearing two coffins on your feet. Also, I need a new pair of winter boots. :-P

Minako: I really don't think so. I don't recall ever agreeing to any bet. That having been said - if Andrew's the man paying... sure, I'm in. ;-)

Matt: Everyone else was talking about babies. Where did you get brothers from? And yes, I actually have two brothers - one is a sophomore at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish; the other is in Grade 7 back home. I also have a sister in Grade 11, who formerly follwed in my footsteps as a library shelver. Seeking better in the world, she recently got *cough* promoted to her new job - kitchen staff at McDonalds.

Also, in library news - kudos to Sue for getting the Halifax Library job! Yay!


  1. Yes, but you said "Daddy needs a new pair of shoes," and errrrr, ummmm... I don't know what the point of this was anymore.

  2. You let your brother go to St. FX? You fail as a brother, and as a proud Acadia student.

  3. I know where kids come form. Just the thought of multiple Brandons is... weird.