Tuesday 3 August 2004

The Update of Pictures

I've never had an update of pictures, before, but I have to admit the concept of updates without me having to develop witty content is entirely too appealing to possibly be healthy.

The times, to paraphrase Bob Dylan, they are not like they used to be.

Branflakesmobile I: A New Hope
It was a sad day yesterday, when Branflakesmobile I: A New Hope finally entered the last stages of its retirement, and left, on the back of a wrecking truck, for that big auto salvage in the sky Chelsea. It was not the greatest car, but what it lacked in fuel economy, it made up with gawdy wood panelling and a mediocre sound system.

...oh, the obsessions of mine that car saw... ;-)

Seriously though, good memories. It made the first of the vaunted Trips to Maine with That Hot Chick. I think it still had good time left in it before That Incident With the Deer, and That Incident Where the Cops Ran Into Me.

Fare thee well, Branflakesmobile I. I hope you're in a better place now.

...and from A New Hope to Hope For Us All.

Durl and Jo - Congratulations!

I've always held to the firm belief that once you see something in the newspaper, it must be true. Just think of Iraq's weapons of mass destr.... damn.

Anyway, I was perusing the online edition of The Bridgewater Bulletin (and the Progress Enterprise), and came across the picture you see above. Today's lesson -- marriage: it could happen to you. I mean, if it could happen to this guy, it could happen to anybody. Even me. Scary, isn't it?

Seriously, though, I watched and was thoroughly interested by Mr. Darrell's Masters defense, immediately following which I got to see the absolutely beautiful matching engagement rings they have. Congratulations, Durl and Jo.

In response to people who have been asking me how the church service I led went, thank you for your concern. I was not smote on the spot, so I guess I didn't do that badly. For any who want to know what I talked about, the complete order of service is available here in PDF format. An MP3, courtesy of FM 98.1, CKBW and The Eggman will be available here shortly.

Oh, and Tiffy's moving to BC tomorrow morning. Have a safe trip, Tiffy; Nova Scotia won't be the same without you. :-(

That's all. Send your comments this way.


  1. *LOL* There is hope for you...just like there is for anyone. ;0)

    Hw did you get the text in your entry to link? Just regular html? Or do I have to do something funky?

  2. Just regular HTML. Though by default, a lot of HTML is disabled in Movable Type. Check with Nancy to see what she allows on her blog.

  3. "Dedicated to the glory of God and in loving memory of so-and-so".

    Alas, poor so-and-so! I knew him, Horatio. He was the guy with the two eyes and one nose, right?