Tuesday 24 August 2004

The Update of Implied Melodrama

Well, I had initially considered making this a melodramatic diatribe on how everybody hates me, but, really, I know that's not true. It's only 99% of people who hate me.


Honestly. It's just a phase. The phase of despondency. This phase comes and goes like the phases of the moon -- darkness and light -- except more often, with less reflected sunlight, and no impact on the Earth's tides.

I can see that my previous update struck a nerve with everyone, specifically, the Not Commenting Anymore nerve. This brings me sadness, because, as you know, my commenters are my only friends.

The last two weeks have been filled with time spent on the Bookmobile, a time in which I've come to appreciate the importance of local library service to isolated communities as well the work that those who provide that service do, as well as a new-found admiration of the 14.4K modem, which would have seemed unnaturally fast in those rural communities.

Had Swiss Chalet yesterday with The Bra-Shopping Dynamic Duo. Delicious, the food. Less awkward than expected, the bra shopping. Note: looks better in green. I, myself, bought no bras on the expedition, since La Senza seemed to be out of my size, 42-double-nothing.

Heading off to New England and Ontario on the weekend. It's gonna be awesome!

That is all. Ta. :-)


  1. Just because I'm not frequent commenter doesn't make me a non-friend. Doesn't getting you a passport me anything these days? Jeesh
    PS I'd go for purple, try a 42-AA.

  2. Are you implying that I actually need bras? :-/

    Yes, Professor Michelle, passports count. Thank you for your help, O Great Defender of Virtue.

  3. No, I'm not implying that you need a bra. However, I am speaking on behalf of scrawny thirteen year olds everywhere that they make bras for everyone.

  4. Being a math person, I have to note that I doubt you could name 5,000 people, let alone conceive of the 5,940,000,000 people you claim hate you. ;)

    I'm sorry I didn't comment last time, causing me to be your friend no longer. Perhaps I can give your present to someone else...

  5. Thanks for that frightenly passionate diatribe, Michelle. :-|

    Adam: See update.

  6. Ummmm....where can I find one of these special bras?

  7. Geez. I guess I'm not a friend anymore, either, as I haven't commented on a couple of postings.

    Huh? What's that Mr. Kettle? I think you're right. I think Mr. Pot *did* just call you black.

    Enjoy your trip!