Tuesday 17 August 2004

The Update of Design

Which is really the update of banner.
Which is really the update of being too lazy to write content.

Which isn't true, really. Today, however, my update will take the form of a series of metaphors based on the Star Trek: TNG episode, Darmok.

Lauren (non-link to left), in Lunenburg County. Branflakes, on the Bookmobile. Shaka, when the walls fell.

Branflakes, his car fuelled up. The Library, their calendar marked off. Branflakes and Chameleon at Winthrop. The Dyers, their arms open! Ottawa, on Canada Day!

That is all. More later, folks.


  1. Brandon, his posts cryptic.
    branflakes.net, its content lacking.

  2. MEAT, his name false advertising.
    complexnumber.net, it's design bland and from-the-box looking.

  3. Brandon, his insinuation incorrect.
    branflakes.net, its title schizophrenic.

  4. MEAT, his assessment incorrect.
    complexnumber.net, its name requiring a BSc to understand.

  5. Brandon, his Grade 12 math education lacking.
    branflakes.net, its new slogan an overused joke.

  6. MEAT, ultimately correct. =(
    complexnumber.net, truly witty.

    Shaka, when the walls fell.