Sunday 6 June 2004

A Light Shines in the Darkness

I originally started this off writing about an actual light bulb. Then I realized two things.

(1) I've already written a blog entry about light bulbs.
(2) This one, like the other one, is dangerously melodramatic, and could lead to people characterizing me as some sort of melodrame. Which people do already. :-P

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that I'm lonely. The world is a big place, and almost all the people in it who mean a lot to me are far away, and I hate it. The people who are close by, and you know who you are, do what you can to make it suck less. However, human beings are social animals, and this human being is no exception. Methinks I'm getting cabin fever.

Shouts out to my "Far Away Posse" in the following communities, in no particular order: Musquodoboit Harbour, Dartmouth/Cole Harbour, Wolfville, Fredericton, Halifax, Yarmouth, Winthrop, Kitchener-Waterloo, New Glasgow, Vancouver, Whistler, and Austin. Also to my "Near Away Posse" in Lunenburg and Midville Branch, for keeping me sane on a more daily basis.''

Also: please, please, please -- if anybody wants to spend time with me, let me know, okay? I don't mind spending my money to have the opportunity to spend time with my friends. And I honestly don't mind talking to my friends either, just in case any of you got some kind of indication to the contrary. ;-)

Final tidbit of wisdom from somebody not me: "But I don't want to answer God's call! I've got everything worked out already!" (This is a paraphrase.)


  1. So you said the last peice of wisdom?

  2. That was suposed to be "who" not "you" in my last comment.

  3. Does Jenni seriously not remember that?

    Good Lord!

  4. Wolfville's not THAT far away... :)

    Oh, btw, I'm working on the MMCC concert DVD right now... it's going a little slower than expected (John, Craig and I haven't been in the same province for a week!), but you can expect a mid-to-late summer release date.

  5. I'm glad to see the AITT's money is being put to such a good use. :-D

  6. If you'll notice the timestamp, it says 6:28PM. Whachya tryin to do, get me in trouble?

    Although, I am flying to Maine next week and San Fran at the end of June, and the AITT is footing the bill. Gotta love corporate sponsorship! ;)

  7. Take me with to Maine! And convince them to send Nancy too. ;-)

  8. I'm in Korea...don't I count for anything?

  9. BTW, if you don't mind spending money to spend time with friends, feel free to visit me here!

  10. I could. :-)

    But my Korean is slightly rustier than that language they speak in New England... ummmm... English! :-P

    What'cha doing in Korea anyway?

  11. "Musquodoboit Harbour, Dartmouth/Cole Harbour, Wolfville, Fredericton, Halifax, Yarmouth, Winthrop, Kitchener-Waterloo, New Glasgow, Vancouver, Whistler, and Austin. "

    ...Oh man. I've read this over THREE times and I don't see Ottawa. I might be on caffeine and pain killers, but I really don't see it. Or Hull. Or Gatineau, or even Alymer.

    I'm left out! You think you feel lonely?! You? Try living in a province and make friends all by yourself all over again, wherein none of your old friends come to visit you, save for the one friend who forgot to include your city in his shout-out list. GEEZ Louise! I may have to reconsider coming to see you during my trip in August! :)