Saturday 29 May 2004

Don't Blame Me; It's the NyQuil Talking

I have bronchitis. :-(

Though it has not been diagnosed by medical professionals, I know what wheezing instead of breathing, and that green stuff in my lungs, means. And I hates it.

Lately at work, I've been asked to substitute several times on the two mobile branches that we operate, and while it has taken away from the time I've been able to be near an ICQ/MSN connection (hello, 9600bps connection), I'm starting to develop quite a fondness for the things. The two drivers have been telling me they're going to go stir-crazy during September and October when one of the vehicles gets pulled off the road for six weeks for a refit. I think I understand what they mean now.

Outside of work... well, there's not a lot really. I'm still not unpacked from university yet, and now, with being sick, I don't imagine much will be happening anyway. I've been invited to join an opera (!!) group in Lunenburg which, this summer, will be putting together an evening of musical selections from two of the musicals of William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan (that's Gilbert and Sullivan to those who can't pull that together): HMS Pinafore, and the Pirates of Penzance.

Realizing, based on my audience, that most of you won't recognize anything I just said.


HMS Pinafore is the musical that Bart Simpson had Sideshow Bob perform on the houseboat; Data also performs a selection (A British Tar) from Pinafore in Star Trek: Insurrection. Penzance is less remembered, though it received significant mention in an episode of The West Wing, where it was often confused with Pinafore. Either way, it's bound to be lots of fun.

...if I can shake this bronchitis.

Finally, friends, Romans, Scrabblemen, lend me your tiles. At the International Scrabble Club, my username is bwuhlman. Look me up sometime, and play a round with me. You're almost certainly guaranteed to win. ;-)

That's all for now.

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