Thursday 17 June 2004

Spread Far and Yon

It seems that, with each passing day, my network spreads further and further asunder.

By this, I mean my computer network. For many, many days and months, it remained static at one computer. Sitting. Alone in isolation. In a dusty, cold, downstairs bedroom.... it ends tonight. Tomorrow morning, my computer joins the Eastlink high-speed network, and the Auburndale Crossroad joins the broadband revolution. And the poor little computer, sitting there all beige-like, will no longer be alone. No longer will it solitarily play The Sims and be disgusted with how slothenly my Sims are.


By this, I also mean my network of friends. In the six weeks since I've graduated, I, of course, have come back to Bridgewater, and many of my other friends have gone to their home places. As the summer approaches, and the job-finding season approaches its climatic peak, I'm watching my friends spread to Ottawa, Hamilton, and as far away as Korea, as well as points between; this ignoring the ones who are already far away.

I must confess, I'm not innocent in this endeavour: I'm looking at one job, for which I'm a perfect fit, that would take me to Regina. The Land of the Flat. Perhaps whatever gravitational force reduced Saskatchewan to a flattened wasteland (apologies to Saskatoon) could reduce me to a healthy weight, without the need for exercise or diet. ;-)

Had a great visit last weekend with That Hot Chick in CS. It will happen against, and next time, we should try to take The Accountant (no website) with us. It would be lots of fun.

Might try to make it to Wolfville again this weekend; tough to say, really.

That is all.

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  1. What also sucks is how people don't comment on blogs as much in the summer.