Saturday 26 June 2004

Here Endeth the First Design

Branflakes' Box of Rants and Raves is no more.

Fear not, brave readers. You will still find incisive and witty rants (and raves) here, but I thought it time for a new name, and new and thoroughly boring) banner, and ultimately a redesign of the pages layout. That having been said, I'm only one man, and I'm working on a shoestring budget here, all while trying to sell my car, and join the proud legion of Toyota Echo owners.

In other news, the job opportunity I applied for in Regina did not pan out the way I'd hoped, so I am still here in Nova Scotia, for the time being. Don't get me wrong: I love my job, but it is still not guaranteed to be a permanent one, and the pay, while great for rural Nova Scotia, is at least slightly below the class average, if you know what I mean.

On a sad note, MEAT, the only other uncultured, rural, redneck UNIX Hick I've ever met, is now MEAT, the Cosmopolitan Pirate Who Does Classified Stuff in Ottawa. Farewell, MEAT, and tell none of your secrets while drunk in Gatineau bars with French chicks. Even if they ask nicely. :-)

It looks like I may not be able to do the Maine trip in September after all due to lack of time off. This displeases me greatly, but, *shrug*. What can you do, eh?

That's all, folks. Stay tuned for weather and sports, after this commerical break, as well as the new website design. Coming soon to an XHTML-compliant web browser near you.


  1. I miss the cereal box, but that is a nice picture of you.

    Why pancakes?

  2. Andrew Hankinson29 June 2004 at 10:16

    I like my arbitrary title for your website a little better - Branflakes, "purveyor of cool."

  3. Hahaha, another one goes to Ottawa. Sorry Brandon. :( And no Maine trip either? Boo-urns.

    Ummm...."tell none of your secrets while drunk in Gatineau bars with French chicks", don't do that. They're evil. But what about telling secrets in Gatineau bars to English chicks? Or Ottawa bars with French chicks? Or vice versa?

    Or what about telling secrets in Ottawa/Gatineau bars to Franglais chicks like me??

  4. You should blog again soon. I miss reading your quirky observations.