Thursday 13 May 2004

He Puts the BS Back in BCS

Who am I talking about here? Well, me, of course! :-D

Last Monday came, and went, with no apparent attempts to take the degree, for which I toiled five years in the underground salt mines, away from me. At least, not yet. The jury is still out, though, on the degree's resistance to shaking (think Etch-a-Sketch) and sunlight (think magic ink) type attacks. In the words of Kent Brockman, only time will tell. :-|

The Grad Formal followed. Decorated in a pirate theme (Yarrr!), the Acadia Arena hadn't looked that resplendent since General Council, which was also known, due to my lack of electricity, as The Age of Darkness. All Many of the boys and girls of the Class of 2004 were dressed in their Monday best to party away the last glimpses of our time together. I was privileged enough to attend with the ravishing JFos, after no one else seemed interested. I appreciate it a lot, JFos, if you're listening. I'm sure there were better things you could do with your Monday night than go to a goodbye party for 800 people you've never meet. I had lots of fun, except for the goodbye part. Early in the evening, it hit me that here, in this place, I would be seeing, maybe for the last time, many of my closest friends, people who have shaped who I am, and also people who I regret not getting to know better. It was a time to say "see you later", and I'm glad I went.

In the routine category, life at the Library continues, and, as a result, I anticipate that will be moving to a shiny new server Real Soon Now - possibly by the end of the week. Yay!

That is all. Sorry to disappear for so long, folkses. Love to you all. :-)


  1. I thought they were.. and then I looked back and my comment was gone.. ah well..

    Yeah, sorry if I didn't want a double dose of bitch to go along with the grad formal :P
    Hope you had fun anyway :)

  2. Pirates sounds exciting. Last year it was starry night or something like that.

    I hope your shoes were shined. ;)

  3. 800 people I'll never meet? That sounds familiar. :P