Thursday 15 April 2004

In the Eye of the Beholder

Be aware: the following blog entry may involve a pot calling a kettle black. You have been forewarned. :-)

It really bothers me pisses me off bothers me that some people don't appreciate the special gifts that they possess, because they think it's not real, or it's not good enough, or who cares that I'm ______ anyway?

There are multitudes of gifts surrounding me. They span a wide variety of categories - a wonderful smile, an aptitude with computers, the ability to make a musical instrument tell a story as opposed to making notes, a silly sense of humour, haunting eyes, frightening intelligence, wicked fashion sense, great listening skills, a shoulder for friends to cry on, the most comforting hugs, and the list goes on, and on, and on.

Notice to the vain: No, the entire list is not about you, though it is not unlikely that a characteristic I think you (yes, YOU) possess is on the list. :-)

As I alluded to, I'm the last person to admit that there's anything special or redeeming about me. I'm a bad person, and you should hate me. That having been said, all the rest of you, you're all awesome in your own way. I wish you (and me too) would start noticing it.

In Real World News, the Library Peoples are coming up to Wolfvegas tomorrow, and we'll be discussing possible summer employment plans for me. Also, teh Jerry seems interested in offering me Employment of Great Mystery and Providence. My next exam is Advanced Architecture, Saturday evening.

I will, of course, keep you updated, faithful reader(s).


  1. Thanks for the update.

    BTW: "Wolfvegas"? Not you too!!!

  2. 'Wolfvegas' is simply a nickname in common use, not unlike 'Branflakes' or 'Walt' for me. I didn't invent them, I don't endorse or disincline myself toward them. They just exist and get used.

    Blame Stew Langille. :-)

  3. Shouldn't nicknames be shorter? Or at least no longer? Wolfvegas, besides being dumb, is a whole extra syllable.

    Ahhh, Stew. I'd forgotten about him. I thought he was non-controversial. I guess I was wrong. Wolfvegas indeed.

  4. Haunting eyes? Why thank you, Brandon. I KNEW you noticed.