Tuesday 13 April 2004

Hate... Everything

By everything, of course, I really mean exams. But boy, do I hate them. :-|

This semester, I will write six glorious exams. One, COBOL, is already completed. Status: sufficient. I've already discovered a mistake I made, and the exam was too long for the allotted time, but I am satisfied with how I did.

Round Two: Computer Architecture. Tomorrow night (tonight), 7PM. Be there, or fail to graduate again, and come back for another kick at the can. Not only do I need to know everything about how computers were ever designed or built, but I also need to know my Greek numerical prefixes (give me a femto!), and lots of stuff about binary and hex numbers. So. Much. Hate. Confidence Level: sufficient.

Round Three: Advanced Computer Architecture. All about RAID and networks. Like regular Architecture except with fourth-year apathy and presentations, and new acronyms. Confidence Level: wing and a prayer, buddy. Wing and a prayer.

Round Four: Systems Analysis and Design. Software Engineering with a shorter project and smaller groups. Confidence Level: I'm writing the exam drunk.

Round Five: Logic II. A symbolic logic course. Harder than I expected it to be. Will definitely require me to track down class members for detailed review of some concepts. Hopefulness level: pretty good with sufficient review.

Round Six: Communication. The course that makes God cry. I still have a term paper to write for this course, but the exam should prove relatively trivial and obvious. Hopefulness level: great, if I ever get the term paper done.

Anyway, off to cry and sleep and study and cry some more. Send me comments and live


  1. well I can help with the Logic 2 if need be, I don't know shit all about the other stuff and I am sure that you can communicate properly enough to get that out of the way.. when are you finished? Aka, When can we get drunk?

  2. You can do it Brandon! Like HimeGranger, I could probably help you with Logic2. It's really not that bad, and all the weird stuff he throws in at the end is of minimal weight on the final. Watch out for the trick questions! Bloody multiple choice ....

    The rest of them sound dreadful. Do you really like doing all that stuff?

  3. I bet not! ;)
    But I bet he likes graduating!

  4. Pay no attention to the course-mongerer behind the curtain....