Wednesday 21 January 2004

JetsGo, and Simplifly!

I can???t say I???ve ever done this before. Blogging from a Boeing-McDonnell MD-83 passenger jet, cruising at 35000 feet. It???s sweet. The passenger load is light enough that most everybody who wanted one got their own aisle all to themselves. Of course, only Hannah, Nathan and I had the foresight to want it, but it was very comfortable nonetheless.

CUTC promises to be replete with much of the awesomeness. A variety of interesting seminars in a number of interesting fields await me when I reach Toronto. So does some kind of free software, likely from Microsoft.

I also look forward to visits with friends in the Greater Toronto Area. Fun promises to ensue, I???ve no doubt. More than likely, I???ll be back in Wolfville before this gets posted, but we???ll see. It depends on how l33t and awesome the ???in-room Intarweb browser??? is.

[Update: The in-room Internet browser sucks. There is, however, free Internet access from the hotels Business Centre. Because I'm obviously a rich businessman who needs web access to do my business. Obviously.]

In other news, the discernment process continues pretty much unabated. Three meetings have now been held, centering on primarily theological topics. We???ve thrown away the manual to some extent, and are letting the meetings progress as they will be led. I think it???s probably best that way; it lets us discuss anything we want.

Anyway, I???m off to the washroom, and then to go and enjoy the rest of the flight. Wheeee!!

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