Tuesday 5 December 2006

The San Francisco Treat

Hi, everyone, from sunny San Francisco, where the temperature is in the high teens (high 60s for any Yankee types). The land of the Golden Gate Bridge and Rice-a-Roni is treating me very well indeed. Aside from all the falling down that I'm doing. But, anyway.
This is only a quick note and the announcement of a contest. The only prize is glory, but it might still be fun.

My first night here, I had supper at Mel's Drive-In, and it was... delicious. The shocker was, along with my really excellent hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes, was an assortment of vegetables. On a lark, I tried one and... I LIKED IT. Cue the end credits music, Maestro. The show is over.

Walter is taking his first tentative steps toward omnivorism!

The contest: what vegetable do I like? Hint: I'm not referring to potatoes!

Glory is at stake. Get guessing, readers!


  1. Peas? Carrots? Peas and Carrots?

    Those awful water chestnuts they sneak into my chinese food?

  2. Actually, Adam gets it on the first guess. :-)

    Belinda didn't get it until her second. So Adam wins. Nice job.

  3. I'm still in shock over the vegetable thing... whoa.