Saturday 4 June 2005

Out of Deep, Unordered Water

Well, there's good news, and there's bad news.

I didn't drown. ;-)

Depending on your point of view, it could go either way, really. I sure hope it's mainly taken as good news in these circles. If it's not, I think I'll have to start watching my back a little more.

The flood waters of the raging Petite Rivière and it's feeders, Hebb's and Fancy's Lakes, have receded almost completely to their normal levels. Going out with the record amount of water (220mm of rain, by some counts!) were a period of unseasonably cold temperatures and general misery. Of course, the return of beautiful summer-like heat coincided almost exactly with the day my office, after a week of indoor coat-wearing and gathering around cups of coffee, got our oil tanks refilled after ordering them emptied several days earlier as the waters threatened our building.

Speaking of threatening waters, enjoy my Flood '05 gallery.

I'll be back in not too long to talk about last week's trip to the annual meeting of the Maritime Conference of United Church of Canada, and some thoughts I have coming out of that.

Until then, keep fit, and have fun.


  1. This circle takes it as good news.

    I wonder if there will be any lawsuits over these tests to tell humans and computers apart on the basis of discrimination with respect to visual acuity.

    Sometimes I get them wrong. I wonder if I'm a computer :shock:

  2. "I’ll be back in not too long..."

    I'm often baffled by your definition of this.

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