Monday 9 May 2005

On Comedy

Last weekend, I went to Meshuggah-Nuns, playing at CentreStage Theatre, Kentville. A great show, all around, and I would think that even if I wasn't already friends with most of the cast. ;-) It was, in fact, so good, I'm going to see it again this weekend, this time not even as a member of the cast group from my play.

Watching the actors in Meshuggah-Nuns though made me realize something, and that is, comedic acting — that is, serious goofball, totally friggin' nuts comedic acting — is easier than dramatic acting. What I am NOT saying is that comedy is easy to act; it isn't, believe you me.

In my dramatic role in Sarah, Plain and Tall, I'm quickly coming to see how much easier it is to see whether you're being a farce than whether you're being Joe Q. Average. I can do farce convincingly. I'm not sure I've got average down yet.

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  1. I have to disagree. Yes, anyone can act comedically, but to do it well -- delivery, timing, etc. -- is much harder than acting well dramatically. Drama can be done passibly well, if you take the right tone, comedy takes so much more.

    Visit a high school drama class some time. Most students will either go for fluff and only the group members find it funny, or they'll stick with drama, because it's far less risky.