Tuesday 15 February 2005

The Prodigal Son


Then the father said to him, "Son, you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours. But we had to celebrate and rejoice, because this brother of yours was dead, and has come to life; he was lost, and has been found."
- Luke 15:31-32

For those of you who hadn't heard yet, Ceilidh, seen above, and in all her glory (ahem) at her new gallery, along with her step-sister Missy, ran away from home in a burst of particular stupidity on Sunday morning. Note that I say particular stupidity. This is to create a differentiation between it and routine stupidity, which she seems to poseess all the time, inspiring such brilliant ideas as eating peoples' shoelaces, shredding Kleenex, chasing (and catching) her tail, and eating more shoelaces. Not a brilliant animal, by any means.

After two days alone, wandering through the woods, she emerged yesterday evening in a backyard several kilometres from where we live, and made herself at home there until, through word of mouth, we discovered that she had been found. She came home this morning.

This adventure has led to two discoveries:

(1) We love her SO much.
(2) She is never allowed outside again. :-P

Yay! She's back!


  1. Yay! Good news! Did your Dad get in a lot of trouble?

  2. Oh, I think he'll be in the doghouse for a while.

    ....get it? ;-)

  3. lol OK well I am glad you dog came back, the very next day.. or something like that. :P

  4. Hooray! Luckily, the weather was fairly decent the last few days, although I bet she's hungry (poop doesn't make very sustaining nourishment).

    You know, it's not so easy to litter train dogs. Maybe you should look into securing her to a building by means of a rope or chain.

  5. What happened to Missy? Any word?

    Remember to check in with Shaid on a regular basis!


  6. Yay!
    I like your narration of the tale, as well.

  7. Thanks, Dr. Dog. :-)

    Missy was a good girl, and waited around until someone let her in. ;-)