Thursday 20 January 2005

Four More Years?

I decided to celebrate the inaugural of George W. Bush's second four-year term as President of the United States by making my triumphant return to the blogging scene, after a much-noticed and occasionally maligned month-long absence. An absence characterized by such pointed observations as:

  • Why have a blog when you never post?

  • Really - why have a blog when you never post?

My fellow readers and I were able to pop back right with some incisive answers, such as no comment, and "Well, duh. Obviously."

I was gone because I had nothing to write about. By which I mean, I really have everything to write about, and all the time in the world to think about writing it, and neither the time nor the energy to write about it. I promise to get around to it sooner or later. Saturday afternoon looks free at this point. Maybe then. ;-)

There is new layout, you've probably noticed. I've been planning to design a new one, but I suck and actually only managed to succeed in breaking the old design so badly I needed to upgrade to a new version of WordPress, which happened to include this current (very neat) layout. What do you think? Stick with this? Or design something on my own?

I will get back on topic for a second though, to ask for your opinions on George W. Bush? Tyrant? Wizard? Purveyor of freedom? Harbinger of apocalypse? As far as I can tell from the media, he seems to be a generally decent fellow who gets lousy advice from a bunch of fawning sycophants who refuse to tell him he's wrong sometimes when they should. Maybe not a genius IQ, but you don't get to be a slobbering idiot and President at the same time.

End incoherent collection of ideas.

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  1. Does the new comment system work now?

  2. Harbringer of the apocalypse for sure and welcome back!

  3. I disagree. If you have the right campaign team, anyone can become president.

    Hooray for the return of the blogging! Maybe you could increase your political commentary when other ideas are lacking.

  4. I think I have to disagree with you. Citizens not born in the United States can't become president, even if they're the Governator and have the world's greatest campaign team, because the Constitution says so.

    I still stand by my assertion that the American people, generally, are not ignorant clods, even if Pat Buchanan and Jerry Falwell are. Though they occasionally falter, Americans are adequate judges of character. That is to say, even if they hired Karl Rove and ran a campaign on "American values" and "strong support for the traditional definition of marriage", a Stalin-Hitler ticket would lose against a Dean-Sharpton ticket that promised same-sex marriage for everyone and mandatory weekly flag burnings.

    Why? Because Americans like their freedom, and it's difficult to make a tyrant likable.

  5. George Bush is a scary, scary man. And I think "a generally decent fellow who gets lousy advice" is letting him get away with far, far too much.

  6. I also have to say that the lack of a 'preview comment' option with wordpress is teh suck, Brando. ; p

  7. haha governator- awesome!
    Aren't they trying to fix that up so that he can be presinator?

  8. Dubya is a moron. I think that he has some good ideas but his rational though behind those ideas is pretty weak. I think his rational though behind everything is pretty weak to be honest.

    I don't think Kerry would have made a good president but I think the views/positions of the Democratic party were strong, they just lacked a strong candidate(s). Take that, combined with the highly religious touting and following of Dubya and you've got yourself a president. Kerry was admittedly not AS religious and I think that fact killed him. I'm not shitting on religion, I'm just shitting on the fact that religion played/plays such a huge role in American politics. To each their own - atheist to scientologist to catholic to shouldn't matter in the realm of politics. But thats just my point of view

    Nice to see you back brando - love the new design

  9. That assumes that you agree that the elections were "free and fair". Some of us (in the first case), don't. And even thought he seems to have won legitimately this time around, there are still widespread voting irregularities and charges of fraud so you still can't call that fair.

    Also, I said tyrannical, not tyrant.

  10. Since when did you start taking everything the media portrays as the truth? Bush is an arrogent bully, who is power hungry and only concerned with what's in it for him. Dumb, maybe, maybe not...scary yes!

    I think there's a lot to be said for these so called "moral issues" that every right winger is hiding behind these days. These days "morals" stand for tax cut hungry, gay rights hating, get rid of anyone whose skin color doesn't match "ours" (that includes sponge bob), anti abortion spouting nuts who just manage to catch a few fox news clips between their reality tv breaks. Just come up with a few three word or less hot button topics and throw some 24 hour cable news in there, the American people don't stand a chance. They're not stupid, just being taken advantage of.

    "Freedom" is now the new catch phrase of the moment...look for it to be spreading everywhere....Iran....Syria....who knows...

  11. Hey, Kristin!

    I agree. Which is why I suggested that Americans, for the most part, are good judges of character, and themselves, people of character. I think you're a bit testy about this though. Is your boyfriend the only Democrat other than Ann Richards left in Texas? ;-)

  12. Re: "judges of character" - You were suggesting they were good judges of character hand in hand with suggesting Bush wasn't so bad. I was simply pointing out that correlation is not one half of the country would appreciate.

    Re: Democrats in Texas - Austin, despite being smack in the middle of Texas, is actually very full of Democrats. We're a tiny blue dot in a sea of red. I don't think I could live here otherwise.

    Re: "boyfriend" - Roy (who I was dating when I visited NS) and I broke up in August. There is now this guy who lives on a bus who is currently in Austin, but that is a much longer and interesting story not to be revealed in a random comment on your blog.