Thursday 2 December 2004

One Degree of Separation

Today's piece of wisdom: Never, ever update anything on your server.

I updated our Library's server to a new version of the Linux kernel, because of it's improved memory management and scheduling features, as well as some neat hardware support.

Then I noticed our Webmail program being slow, so I checked it's test page, and discovered that it couldn't see a program called gettext that it needed to work. So I reinstalled gettext. Then my website broke.

So I removed gettext, and (shock! awe!) it was still broken. This was immediately followed by me installing new kernel headers (which I'd missed), a new C library (three times :-(), Apache, MySQL, PHP (also three times), then gettext again.

It was a long night, but everything's back and working again. :-D

Lots of other things to say too, but not right now. When there's not so much work to be done, I'll get all... both of you... up to date. :razz:


  1. Don't be silly, Brandon. You know there are three of us. ; )

  2. Who's the fourth? I'm number three. :P

  3. I am number 4.5 :)

  4. Well, you four are pretty much the three of you.


  5. Number...6? Is that what we're at now? 6? I like 6. :)

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