Thursday 25 March 2004

The Art of Standing Still





I can't remember the last time I had time to stand still. Anyway...

For those of you in the know, the crisis has been averted. At a meeting early this morning, Dr. Oliver cleared the way for the newly dubbed Operation Vocabulary to go ahead, and with the help of a smattering of people from across the University community, this operation will be a great success.

Reflections of the Cross went down famously on Wednesday night, and will do so again Saturday afternoon. Readers on the South Shore are heartily encouraged to be at St. John's Lutheran Church, Mahone Bay, this Saturday, March 27, at 3PM. A beautifil aftenoon of music and contemplative readings awaits you.

In other news... how does one even start to comment on something like this??

Though I have less than no right to be, I am disappointed, maybe a little broken, nonetheless. It's not as though I should have realistically expected something to come from nothing. It was, however, for me, a broad departure from the typical; a departure in which I saw myself step out of my comfort zone, say things that I meant, and then instead of running back inside, and hiding under the table, I stayed there. I stood by what I said, what I meant, what I felt and still feel, and I wasn't embarrassed by it.

No, scratch that. I was immensely embarrassed by it, but the words were true. And, like a friend or yours or mine pushed before a court for a crime they did not committ, the words deserved better than to stand there alone. So I stood with them, and whatever cae with them.

It is the Order of Things.


  1. You deserve time to stand still Brandon, relish it.

  2. Y'know, when you whine like that, you sound like a 14-year-old british kid.

  3. But, Ross.... Mother won't let me go to Hogwarts.

  4. I hate boys right now, except you. If I buy a $1200 car from 1972 do you think i'll make it to mahone bay on time?

  5. It gets easier everytime you do it. Or, so I'm told....

  6. If you buy a 1972 anything, you probably won't get anywhere on time, let alone Mahone Bay.

    I graduate in May, the Lord willing. Then I'll find time and money to come visit. :-)

    I'm sorry to find out about your recent episode of boy-hate. I hope is passes in due course.