Tuesday 23 September 2003

Democracy and Beautiful Art

It was something I probably ought to have figured out years ago. With a healthy dose of common sense (or even a barely sufficient one), I should have been able to tell this was a hole I???ve fallen into before. With no common sense at all, I still should been deflected away from this by the huge sign which read simply:


It???s taken a while, but I have, with some coaxing from my friends, reached the conclusion that my mind is not a democracy. What I believe, and the resulting actions, is not the respsonsibilty of some committee. It???s my decision, damnit. Like the federal government, or the land???s highest court, it is not for me to throw my decision-making processes to others.

The United Church of Canada, during its triennial meetings last month in Wolfville, endorsed gay marriage by a large majority. A sub-group within the United Church, the Community of Concern spoke against this. In one of their writings, they presented statistics showing that ???traditionalist??? churches have shown continued and sustained growth in the past ten years, while more liberal ???mainstream??? denominations continue in decline. Therefore, they argue, the United Church should return to it???s traditionalist roots, and cease being the acitivist church they currently are.

I disagree, and take from the position of the Church, a nugget of advice for my life. It is not the role of the church (nor my own role) to do what is popular. We are called to do what we sincerely and genuinely feel to be right, which can be something totally different.

Someone recently told me they fancied me ???a bit of a dolt??? until they read my writing, at which time I apparently moved up in their estimation. You don???t know how nice that is to hear that The last person to tell me that I was a good writer was my Grade 7 English teacher, and she was just an amazing woman, who made you feel good about yourself.

Since then, I???ve started using the word git a lot more ??? seems I have Spike to thank for that. But I don???t think that impacts my writing too seriously. If you disagree, you???re more of a git than I initially took you for. ;-)

Finally, random applause for music! It is the opportunity to make beautiful music, with the Acadia Chorus and Chapel Choir, the Acadia Sprit Band and 14 Wing Band at CFB Greenwood, that keeps me sane.

Remember to smile every day.


  1. Apparently, this ate someone's comment. I plan to look into it most carefully.

  2. it is amusing to see that you came to the consensus that your brain is not a democracy by the coaxing of your friends...

  3. I'm pretty sure my install of Movable Type has eaten someone's comment in the past as well.
    Unfortunately I have no idea who was commenting, so I can't tell for sure.